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Wanderlust: 5 Must Visit Beaches in Thailand!

Dreaming of the ideal island getaway this summer? Here are 5 breathtaking beaches around Thailand that you must consider traveling to!

1. Phra Nang Beachrailaybeach

 Phra Nang beach is also known as the “Cave Beach”. It is one of Railay’s four beaches, which is a small peninsula located in the south of Thailand. It gets its nickname “Cave Beach” due to the astounding Tham Phra Nok a.k.a “The Princess Cave”, which lies down at the bottom of the cliffs. Phra Nang embodies the perfect beach with their beautiful white sand and dreamy blue sea. After relaxing under the sun, and frolicking in the sea what better way to end the day by visiting the Princess Cave where local fisherman place offerings.

2. Maya BayMaya Bay

Maya Bay is located in Koh Phi Phi Lee, which is the second largest island of the Phi Phi Archipelago. It is incredibly beautiful as you have a view of limestone cliffs surrounding the bay, an estimated 200 meter long beach with soft white sand, colorful coral and exotic fish. This is one of Thailand’s most visited beaches since the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio began filming there. This is a perfect place to spend the day relaxing on the silky soft sand, admiring the view of the blue sea and cliffs as well as snorkeling amongst exotic fish.

3. Koh Nang Yuankoh tao

Koh Nang Yuan is a small island near Ko Tao, at the central gulf coast of Southern Thailand. It consists of three cone-shaped peaks connected by a naturally formed sand bank. Besides for the stunning strip of sand connecting the islands, Nang Yuan is also well known for its amazing dive spots and snorkeling beach. This is a great island to visit if you’re looking for both relaxation and exciting water activities.

4. Ao Sane BeachaosaneAo Sane beach is located in Phukets southwest coast. It is one of Phukets hidden beaches. This is a great beach to go snorkeling as the waters are always clear, and when you get too hot from laying under the sun, there is plenty of shade from the beautiful green trees lining the entire beach.

5. Emerald Caveemeraldcave

Last but not least, the Emerald Cave! It lies behind the cliffs of Koh Muk. If you are keen for an adventurous boat ride, this will be the perfect destination for you! To get to the beautiful beach within the Emerald Cave you will have to enter the dark, natural curving tunnel. Inside you will find an amazing little beach surrounded by high vegetated cliffs and the blue sky.

Have you guys visited any of these places? Better yet, tell us your favorite paradise destinations! We’d love to know.

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